About Schinoo Tours

About Schinoo Tours 

Schinoo Tours is a small independent tour operator located in Steffisburg, in the beautiful Bernese Oberland of Switzerland.

We specialize in unique and individual travel arrangements to Alaska, Canada, the United States of America and northern Destinations in Europe such as Iceland and Scandinavia. Schinoo Tours also specialize in fishing trips to Alaska, Iceland and Scandinavia.

Our drive is our genuine enthusiasm for traveling. We see it as a way of extending horizons and being in real touch with the world.
The organizational processes are based on the cooperation with reliable and innovative destination partners backing us to ensure service quality.

Our guests and travelers have high expectations concerning the organization of the trip and our competence in route planning. They love nature, like to travel and discover on their own. Among our customers less crowded places away from «the beaten track» are generally preferred. They appreciate beautiful and special accomodation in a balanced ratio of price and experience.

Travel participants with little English or foreign language knowledge enjoy the comfort of our Minibus Tours (4-8 guests) accompanied by a swiss-german speaking tour leader, who takes care about all organizational matters during the trips. We organize also tours for people interested in photography, by example excursions to Iceland with our own photo guide or to Finland with a local photo guide/partner.

We love ideas, that are no longer understood as a product, but as an experience in the most surprising and hopefully positive sense of the word.


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